Caramel Apple Spritzers

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Have your fruit and eat it too with our great Caramel Apple Spritzer recipe. Take Summer Lovin’ to a whole new level! Cut the topside of the apple off – make sure it is cut straight so that the liquid will not spill. Use a measuring spoon to scoop out the inner apple. Squeeze some […]


Liquor City – The Background Story

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Liquor City’s journey began on the 27th of April 1994 with very limited resources. On Freedom Day, the very first Liquor City opened in Sophiatown. Manuel De Atouguia, Liquor City’s founder, faced many obstacles from the beginning like reluctant suppliers. The very first Liquor City – Sophiatown, was user-friendly and convenient for customers. Manny had […]


Try Drunken Jenga for game night!

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We all look forward to our weekends, but now you have more of a reason to enjoy them with Drunken Jenga. The popular Jenga game has a drinking version that is way more fun than the original! It is easy to set up and a great group activity for game night for everyone to enjoy. […]

Shooter Recipes

South African shooters at their best!

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We as South Africans are so diverse in our culture as well as our beverages. The next time you’re thinking of a get together with friends and family, surprise them with these shots. You can get these ingredients at your nearest Liquor City which offers a wide range of liqueurs, whiskeys and more. Learn how […]


Never Have I Ever

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If you’re ever at a party and want to find out more about the people around you, this is the game for you! Never Have I Ever can be played with any amount of people. Everyone gets a chance to say a sentence that starts with “Never have I ever…”. If someone says “Never have […]

Margarita Dip Recipe

Homemade flavoursome Margarita Dip

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What if you could have one of your favourite cocktails in a dip? Now you can! Plus it is quick and easy! Try this delectable dip with a packet of crisps or your choice or salted pretzels. This recipe serves 2 people; simply double your ingredients to serve more. Ingredients: 226g softened cream cheese 226g […]


Chocolate Vodka Brownies

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If you are a dark chocolate fan and like vodka then you should definitely try this Chocolate Brownie recipe. Tantalise your taste buds! It is the perfect weekend dessert after a braai with the family and friends. Ingredients: 85g dark chocolate (Choose the % of cocoa that you would prefer) 255g sugar 170g butter 50ml […]


Your White and Cheese Pairing Guide

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Are you a cheese and wine lover? If so, then this is a must read. From Camembert to Brie to Fontina, whatever your preference in either cheese or wine, here are a few tips to follow the next time you have a cheese and wine night with your friends. Camembert is best paired with bubbles […]


How to Drink Wine

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It sounds pretty simple…drinking wine. But if you want to look totally professional at it, we here at Liquor City, have some great tips for you! Red wine is a wine lover’s favourite! You have to know how to drink it – preferably at room temperature or just below. You can put it in the […]

New Liquor City Logo 2017

New Look, Same Trusted Liquor City

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Every business has an interesting journey and branding is often paramount to this. Liquor City and our branding have been synonymous among the South African public for over 20 years now. Learn more about our incredible journey we have taken as we take you through just a few of our exciting milestones. In the beginning… […]

Liquor City Caravela Festival 2017

Caravela Portuguese Festival 2017

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Liquor City Celebrating the Portuguese Community Madeira Day 2017 will be celebrated like never before. Liquor City in partnership with the Portuguese Forum will be celebrating the Portuguese community and their rich history with the first Caravela Madeira Festival like no other from 30 June 2017 – 2 July 2017 at Monte Casino. This event […]

Tequila and Caramel Popcorn Anyone?

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Popcorn is a great party snack for when you have friends and family over. It is easy to make and tastes great. Try this enticing tequila and caramel popcorn once the kids go to bed. (This recipe makes 16 cups) Ingredients you’ll need: 16 cups air-popped popcorn ½ teaspoon of salt ½ cup salted roasted […]