How to Drink Wine

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It sounds pretty simple…drinking wine. But if you want to look totally professional at it, we here at Liquor City, have some great tips for you!

Red wine is a wine lover’s favourite! You have to know how to drink it – preferably at room temperature or just below. You can put it in the fridge to chill just before opening it too. Once open let it breathe for a short while. Avoid ice, try freezing red grapes as a way to chill your red wine!

Rosés are great when served chilled. Leave it in the fridge for about 30 minutes before opening. No need to leave it on ice, it develops different tastes depending on the ambient temperature.

White wine is very refreshing. Drink your white wine chilled but not with ice. Try freezing white grapes to add to the wine so that your drink is not watered down, but still cool enough to enjoy! A cool tip to keep your white wine chilled is to keep the bottle on ice until it is finished.

Now, go on and show your friends how to drink wine the correct way! This is perfect for get-togethers and book clubs. Enjoy!