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Our franchising strategy is based on affordable set-up costs, fixed monthly fees and advertising and market support, with access to the company’s internal systems and weekly newsletters offering ideas and suggestions. Franchisees benefit from Liquor City’s strong brand, 20 years’ experience as well as being included in the equity of Liquor City Signature House Brands.


Top Reasons to Join Liquor City

  • You can be part of the most recognized independent liquor company in South Africa
  • You gain access to the biggest variety of liquor products
  • We source and import brands exclusively for Liquor City that add value to your business
  • Our experienced team can advise you with your insurance, banking and medical aid
  • You join a national network of advertising
  • We advertise and promote our Signature Brands
  • We support you and assist your business in growing to it’s full potential with the knowledge we have gained
  • We do not ask for a percentage of your turnover
  • You receive favourable discounts due to our buying power
  • You will be part of national supplier promotional activity
  • You have full access to our internal systems
  • You gain access to approved vendors ensuring the best results are achieved


Liquor City House Brands

Liquor City sources local and international brands direct from the producers in order to reduce costs but also offer our customers an exclusive offering. All the brands we source are of superior quality with most of them being award-winners and global contenders. When you join Liquor City you gain access to the impressive portfolio of brands we carry.

We are here for you!

Myself and our dedicated franchise team is here to help you change to Liquor City and offer our support in order to grow your business. Here are just a few areas that we can help you with:

  • Opening new stores
  • Convert your existing store to Liquor City
  • Financial Services
  • Supplier Accounts
  • Buying deals and advice
  • Merchandising / Category Management
  • Training
  • Signage
  • Approved Vendors

and much more!



Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you have store for sale or sites available?

Liquor City does not procure and sell retail stores, but we do assist all our members with opening their stores. We will however, require you to have a new, viable site or an existing store that you would like to convert to Liquor City. Our experienced team will facilitate the store opening or change and we will assist you with approved vendors to get the job done.

2. Do I need capital?

Yes, you will need to have capital available. If you require finance, you will need at least 50% of the capital needed to open the store, as this is the requirement from most banks. We have a good relationship with the 4 major banks which can assist the finance process. If you do not require finance, 100% of the capital is required.

3. How much Capital do I need?

It all depends on the unique needs of your store and its size. On average R1.7 million to R2 million is needed to set a new store up from scratch. If you are converting from an existing store, some of the costs incurred are signage, licence changes, uniform and in some case renovations to meet the Liquor City brand standards.

4.What do I do first?

If you have an existing store, please do not hesitate and complete the contact form so that our experienced team can be in touch right away. 

If you are opening a new store, we suggest that you start by finding a viable location for your store. Contact us once you have this ready and our experienced team will contact you and walk you through the next steps. Part of this will be a site inspection to assist you with finalising step 1.


Contact us today for more information.