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From Malt to Scotch Whisky

From Malt to Scotch Whisky


Are you a Scotch whisky drinker? Some may know that malt is used to make this classy alcoholic beverage. However, for those that do not know, the malt content is very important as it is used to add flavour, nutrients and help with the enzyme activity when distilled.


To be known as ‘Scotch whisky’, a mash of cereals, water and yeast must be distilled and matured in Scotland for a minimum of three years in oak casks. There are different types of Scotch whisky from single malt Scotch whisky, single grain Scotch whisky, blended malt Scotch whisky, blended grain Scotch whisky and blended Scotch whisky. To be classified as a blended malt whisky, the whisky must contain at least 51% straight malt.


Are you drinking your Scotch whisky right? According to experts, drinking your Scotch whisky should be done with an added touch of water. Water is recommended to enhance the flavours and allow you to taste the perfection of this type beverage. Liquor City is proud to have two Scotch whisky’s with a minimum of 25% malt content - M&J and Scottish Gold.


Remember to drink responsibly and visit your nearest Liquor City for our range of your favourite whisky’s and more!