Alcohol made from different grain types

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Different alcohol beverages are made with the help of different grains types. Have you ever wondered what type of grain is used to make your favourite alcoholic beverage?

Corn is used as the base for most whiskeys. According to research, when corn is mashed and distilled it produces a colourless liquor which consists of a very high alcohol percentage. When producing whiskey, grain alcohol will go through an ageing process, which reduces the alcohol content. The process will then include infusing the alcohol with colour and flavour. Rye is used in Canadian whiskeys. These whiskey types also require mixing rye with other grains to achieve different flavours.

When alcohol is made from Barley seeds, this requires the Barley seeds to be malted before being made into alcohol. Beers are made from Barley, which explains the foam during the malting process. Barley creates a thick and flavourful alcohol.

Spirit whiskeys that contain an alcohol percentage of 80% or higher, are known as grain whiskeys – which is also the generic term for corn, barley or rye. Grain alcohol is sometimes added to the alcohol making processes to increase the alcohol content. Grain alcohol is often used in conjunction with other alcohol types and mixed to save money on production.