Alcohol trends among Millennials

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Millennials are classified as the generation born in the years of early 1980s and mid- 1990s to early 2000s. Statistically speaking, Millennials think differently when it comes to alcohol opposed to the generation before. Millennials tend to want to discover new liquor brands that they can share with their friends. Research has shown that there are three main sources that influence millennials. These are their friends and coworkers, bartenders and mixologists and brands themselves.

Millennials appear to favour liquor and wine over beer. The ones that do prefer beer they are more likely to opt for craft beer or “ice” beer, which is beer that has a higher-than-normal ABV – alcohol by volume.

Vodka is also a millennial favourite as it can be mixed in cocktails, taken straight, on the rocks or in mixed drinks. Whiskey is not an ‘old man’ drink in fact, Millennials are also making whiskey more popular as they like the “authentic” idea behind it. Millennials are more likely to spend more on quality wine. A recent study as shown that men are far bigger consumers of Rosé than women however, red wine is preferred to rosé.

Millennials are more money and health conscious which leads them to choose quality over quantity.