Bar Lingo Made Easy

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Bar Lingo

Do you want to sound fancy when out and about? Here is a vocabulary list of all the words to know when ordering your cocktails. Impress the barman with these:

  • Muddled: Crushed fruit, veggies and herbs.
  • Shaken: Made with crushed ice – cooler but higher dilution.
  • Stirred: Made with cubed ice – not as cold but less dilution.
  • Float: Adding extra liquor to the top of the cocktail.
  • Virgin: Alcohol-free cocktail.
  • Toddy: A warm cocktail, made with honey and whiskey.
  • Highball: Liquor based cocktail topped with soda water.
  • Up: In a martini glass without ice.
  • Twist: Add a twirled lemon peel.
  • Dirty: Add olive juice.
  • Dry: Very little vermouth.
  • Perfect: Part whiskey, part sweet vermouth, part dry vermouth.
  • Neat: No ice, no mix.
  • Easy Ice: Very little Ice.
  • On the Rocks: The drink with only ice.
  • Double: Two tots of alcohol.
  • Well: Cheapest liquor behind the bar.
  • Splash/Dash: Very small amount.
  • Top Shelf: The most expensive alcohol.
  • Chaser/Back: A drink to wash down a shooter.
  • Nightcap: A drink before bed.
  • Keep It Open: Opening a tab at a bar.
  • Fingers: Unit of measurement.

Visit your nearest Liquor City for your favourite alcoholic beverages. Remember to drink responsibly. Alcohol will not be sold to persons under the age of 18.