Everything you need to know about Prosecco

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Everything you need to know about Prosecco

To all the Prosecco fans out there, how well do you know this Italian sparkling wine? Unlike other wines, Prosecco deteriorates with age and after 3 years, starts to lose its aroma. Prosecco is fermented into different fizz styles and sweetness. It is made from the Glera grape in Northern Italy. The region is split into two different regions, one being DOC and the other DOCG area. Both regions require that the wine be produced in these specific areas in order to be defined quality standard.

DOC in English stands for “Controlled Designation of Origin” and DOCG stands for “Controlled and Guaranteed Designation of Origin”. DOCG is the most expensive of the two, reasons being that DOCG land is very hilly and so is farmed and harvested by hand. Therefore it will cost more for labour where DOC land make use of machines which saves on production time and costs, however the quality of the wine can be compromised.

When it comes to the fermentation process, Prosecco requires two fermentation processes. In the second fermentation stage, it lasts 30-40 days and this is where the bubbles are formed.

So next time you shop for your favourite Prosecco, keep these facts in mind!

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