French Wines

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France – usually the number one country you think of when it comes to wine making. The French have been the experts in wine production for centuries, dating back to the 6th century right through the middle ages, even into the industrial revolution.

But why is French wine so good?

The answer is simple. Generations of French winemakers have passed down their skills, secrets and traditions into what it takes to create the perfect bottle of wine.

Secondly, the earth and climate of the region, or terroir upon which the grapes are grown has a significant impact on the quality and taste of the grapes. No French vineyard’s yield will taste the same as any other.

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Our incredible range of French wines include:

And more!

Want to become more of a French wine expert? Learn how to decipher French wine labels by understanding what you can expect to find on them:

  1. Where it is produced – The property on which it was produced.
  2. Estate – It is usually named after the vineyard in which the grapes were gown.
  3. Region – The area in which the estate falls in.
  4. The year / The Vintage – The point in time that the grapes were harvested.
  5. Bottling Location – The area in which the wine was bottled.
  6. Bottle Volume – The amount of ml the bottle holds.
  7. Winery Classification – The name of the Château/ Castel/ Mazet that the wine was produced at.
  8. The alcoholic content is always printed on the label.
  9. Production Area – The area in which the grapes are fermented.

Liquor City selects only the finest wines that France has to offer.

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