Get over your Hangover

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After a really great night of drinking with your mates – comes the aftermath that is a hangover. Yes, headaches and nausea will consume you for the very next day. With some help from Liquor City, treat your hangover the right way to not suffer as bad for as long!


  • Get some sleep! Having a nap after you wake up will help you feel rejuvenated and fresh.
  • Eat eggs! Eggs contain cysteine, which helps cure a hangover.
  • Drink lots of water! Staying hydrated is important as alcohol dehydrates you. It would also be wise to have water between each drink next time.
  • Eat fruits and take multivitamins! It will help boost your energy levels – which of course, is needed with a hangover.

  • Pop Aspirin. This will only worsen your stomach lining and it won’t have any benefits on your liver either.
  • Eat greasy food. This is better before drinking and not after.
  • Have the hair of the dog. It’s better to avoid alcohol altogether – and not have more on top of a hangover.

Stick to these tips after a night of drinking and you’ll be okay! Make sure to eat before drinking and stay hydrated!