Here’s What You Didn’t Know About Vodka

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What you didnt know about vodka

In the modern world, we use vodka as a party drink – a drink to get you buzzing and on a happy level in a social circle. Do you know what you’re drinking though – a few tips to break the ice at the next awkward gathering.

Did you know that vodka was used medicinally? It was sold to cure things like the plague or infertility many years ago. It was also used for toothache and a cure for poison ivy.

Vodka is made flavourless on purpose – better to mix with. However, Liquor City has a wide array of flavoured vodkas, too. We literally cater for everyone.

Vodka does not contain sugar, yeast, fat, cholesterol, sodium or carbs. It is made up of ethanol and water. It has the least amount of calories.

In moderation, Vodka increases blood flow to the heart and creates better HDL (high-density lipoprotein) Cholesterol levels. Remember to drink responsibly.

Cooking your pasta with vodka adds a nice texture.

Vodka can be used to clean your house – it is great for getting rid of odours, too.

You’re welcome.

But please remember to always drink responsibly!