Licor Beirão

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Licor Beirão – this well-known liqueur was founded pre-World War 1 era. This delightful drink is exclusively available from Liquor City, but before being brought over to South Africa, it had its roots in Portugal – read on and find out more.

This much-loved liqueur dates back even further to tell a story of a couple who fell in love and created an everyday liqueur – the man was a Port Wine salesman who fell in love with the daughter of a pharmacist.

It was not with ease that they produced the liqueur as a law was passed, forbidding them from creating natural liqueurs. However, in their pharmacy using medical properties, they created this liqueur. The creators took the opportunity to produce nectars independently in a little factory – adding delightful flavours to this drink.

However, after World War 1, the brand was sold to another man named Jose Carranca Redondo in Castelo Branco. He dedicated his life to building the brand and turned it into a huge success even when it started out at a time when people could barely afford food.

Before being officially named Licor Beirão in 1929, the liqueur was being produced for over a century under the name of Liqueur of Portugal.

Today, this Liqueur can be used to make a range of cocktails such as Caipirinhas, Mojitos and Sangrias!

Get to a Liquor City near you for a taste of Portugal’s Liqueur – Licor Beirão.