Never Have I Ever

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If you’re ever at a party and want to find out more about the people around you, this is the game for you! Never Have I Ever can be played with any amount of people.

Everyone gets a chance to say a sentence that starts with “Never have I ever…”. If someone says “Never have I ever been kicked out of a bar” and you have been, you drink! If not then you don’t drink. Questions may be asked so make sure to tell the truth and get chatting with everyone around you! It makes for a great conversation starter and gets the party going.

Some great startups if you can’t think of anything are:

  1. Never have I ever made a drunken Facebook status.
  2. Never have I ever swum naked.
  3. Never have I ever punched someone in the face.
  4. Never have I ever been in love with a character from a book.
  5. Never have I ever called in sick to work because I was hungover.
  6. Never have I ever eaten food out of the trash can.