New Look, Same Trusted Liquor City

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New Liquor City Logo 2017

Every business has an interesting journey and branding is often paramount to this. Liquor City and our branding have been synonymous among the South African public for over 20 years now. Learn more about our incredible journey we have taken as we take you through just a few of our exciting milestones.

In the beginning…

Liquor City’s very first grand opening has significance with South African history. The Liquor City journey began on 27 April 1994 – Freedom Day. The first democratic elections took place on this day after years of struggle and political turmoil. Founded by Mr. Manuel de Atouguia, the company has grown from one small store to an entire empire of liquor stores. Liquor City is now one of the largest independent liquor chains in South Africa.

Liquor City has had a truly iconic look for twenty years – easily identified, even without branding due to its icon and colours. The Chappies chewing gum wrappers from the early 90’s inspired the Liquor City logo in terms of colours, with the distinctive red, yellow and blue reflecting this. The iconic Liquor City bottle in the logo is always recognized as part of your favourite liquor store!

The Liquor City Logo Journey


In 2015, Liquor City updated the logo with a cleaner, fresher look. The slogan “Your favourite liquor store” was adopted with the upgrade of our branding. The Liquor City slogan serves to remind our trusted employees to upkeep the positive attitude toward our loyal customers. The slogan sets a standard for our employees, indicating that Liquor City aims to be the favourite liquor store throughout South Africa. Here, at Liquor City, we take this slogan to heart.

Now, in 2017, Liquor City has updated the iconic Liquor City logo once again. The decision for a rejuvenated brand is to keep up with changing trends of the market as well as to further challenge our company and carry the brand out to its full potential.

Looking at the new logo

New Liquor City Logo 2017

The iconic Liquor City bottle will still feature in the logo; it’s how Liquor City is identified. However, the lettering has changed for a more updated, modern look. Modernity and cleanliness in the font allows for easier reading from our customers. The Liquor City bottle has been outlined with two bold and defining stripes. This adds emphasis to our logo, as well as a pop of colour – it can’t go wrong!

Staying true to humble beginnings – the Chappie wrapper look is back! These wrappers have been reintroduced to give the brand a more familiar feel and to be used within our marketing and signage.

You will spot these new Liquor City elements in store soon! So keep your eye out for the brand new Liquor City look, but you can expect the same fantastic experience, the same wide range of brands and the same sublime customer service!