Things you never knew about Gin

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Things you didn't know about Gin

It’s one of the world’s favourite spirits – but how did it start? Learn more about the history of Gin!

Derived from English heritage – gin has, possibly the most complex history of all alcohol categories. Gin’s core ingredient is the juniper berry. This berry has been combined with alcohol as far back as 70 A.D.

The initial idea of making gin was to mix it with something else like cocktails – never to consume on its own. Gin is not like other types of liquor. Bourbon, Rye and Whiskey drinkers simply add some ice or a splash of water and enjoy their drink. Gin however, is enjoyed as a cocktail with botanicals like herbs and spices adds to the complexity of its flavours.

Holland began making gin first, as it is England’s national spirit, the most famous gins you see around the world hail from the UK. However, the English discovered gin when they were fighting the “Thirty Year’s War” in the 17th century.

London Dry Gin is not always from London. The only Gin that does have a geological indication is Plymouth Gin which has been made in Plymouth since 1793.

Did you know that a martini is considered a Gin?

Gin can be used for medicinal purposes as the juniper berry poses a lot of healing benefits. So, keep these brief facts about Gin in mind the next time you take a sip!

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