Try Drunken Jenga for game night!

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We all look forward to our weekends, but now you have more of a reason to enjoy them with Drunken Jenga. The popular Jenga game has a drinking version that is way more fun than the original! It is easy to set up and a great group activity for game night for everyone to enjoy.

To play Drunken Jenga, you would of course need a Jenga set. You will also need a permanent marker to label the Jenga pieces with instructions or rules.

Here are a few examples you can use to write on your Jenga pieces.

  • Take 1 drink
  • Take 2 drinks
  • All the girls drink
  • All the boys drink
  • Pick an opponent to take a drink
  • Down the entire drink
  • No more talk for the rest of the game, or you finish your drink
  • No pointing allowed, or finish your drink
  • No swearing allowed, or finish your drink
  • Tell an embarrassing story
  • Take 2 tequila shots
  • Give all players a new name. All players must use the new names, or take a sip of their drink every time they fail.

There are so many creative things to write on your Jenga pieces. Once you have labeled each piece you can now play. You will play the game as you would the original Jenga except very piece you pull out successfully you have to execute what is written on the piece before placing it back on top. Be creative and have fun!