What drink are you?

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They say you can tell a lot about someone based on what they drink and how they like to have it. Which drink best suits your personality?

Vodka soda drinkers are often stereotyped as those that are calorie watchers as the drink is low in calories, gluten free and contains no sugar. Nevertheless these drinkers are smart enough to enjoy a night out without feeling guilty about cheating on their diet or regret that muffin top when over indulging.

Not all beer drinkers need to have a rugged beard, these drinkers can be classed as the wine fundis of the 21st century – we love them anyways. If you have considered brewing your own in your mom’s garage and calling yourself a beer connoisseur then consider yourself in the category.

Book club, cheese and wine tasting – whatever your excuse you have to enjoy a glass of wine with a couple of friends, then this is you. Wine drinkers are considered to be super social and enjoy a good gossip – others of course no yours. If this sounds familiar then this is you.

If you consider yourself in a class of your own and a bit of a perfectionist, then the classic gin martini best suits you. You have high standards and nothing can compete with the best. These drinkers are usually lots of fun at parties. Would you consider your personality to match this drink?

Whatever society may class drinkers as, at Liquor City we encourage you to be you. Be the person drinking the brand nobody has seen before. Be the person drinking the drinks that are not trending. Be unique! At Liquor City we carry one of the largest ranges around which will allow you to find the newest and most enjoyable brands around.

So which do you think suits you? Be sure to visit your nearest Liquor City for our wide range of spirits, wines, liqueurs and more! Remember to drink responsibly.