Whisky 101

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For all those whisky lovers out there, do you really know all things related to the enjoyable drink? Here are some common terminologies that can help you understand the world of Whisky.

All whisky lovers should know that whisky is made from beer and a “cask” is the wooden barrel used to mature whisky, which is traditionally made from oak particularly from America, Europe or Japan.

“Cask Strength” is the term given to whisky that has been bottled at “high proof” which in turn will be priced at a higher value – explains why some whiskies are more expensive. As whisky cools down and becomes cold, fatty acid particles can create a cloudy look to the whisky, most makers filter this out which changes the flavour of the whisky, the term for this is “Chill Filtration”.

“Malt” is a grain that is added to the whisky brewing process to add a sweet flavor to the whisky. If you enjoy blended whisky this term is derived from when whisky is made by blending together any number of single malt whiskies or grain whiskies to create unique flavours.

Visit your nearest Liquor City for your favourite Whisky brands and keep these terms in mind when you read the label for more insight.