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Portuguese Liqueur

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Licor Beirão Herb Liqueur (750ml)

This delicious one and known liqueur well Portuguese is produced in the Mountain range of the Lousã. It is prepared with natural products from a double destillation of 12 plants, medicinal and others of strong aroma, such as: eucalipt, cinnamon, rosemary

Licor De Aniz Escarchado (1l)

Anise liqueurs are also known to have the ouzo effect referring to the clouding that occurs when water or ice is added transforming the drink into a resemblance of a glass of pale milk. It's colorless with a sugar encrusted flower growing inside.
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Licor Ginja Cherry Liqueur (1l)

Licor de Ginja is a tasty Portuguese liqueur made by infusing ginja berries (sour cherries) in spirit (aguardente) before the addition of sugar
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Madeira Poncha (1l)

Smooth taste of honey with a rum aftertaste. It is said that Poncho de Madeira cures the common cold and people are encouraged to drink it if they have cold like symptoms

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