Roche Merlot Rosé

The Facts

Type: IGP Pays d‘OC
Varietal: Merlot Rosé
Country: France
ABV: 12%


The harvest is done by night or in the beginning of the morning to keep the freshness of the savors. The majority of the cuvee is obtained by direct press in order to keep the fruity touch of the wine. The rest of the harvest is vinified by bleeding to give a pretty pink colour to and to add body to the wine.

Tasting Notes

Colour: A shining, translucent, delightfully intense pink
Nose: Scents of strawberries and apricots over subtle notes of rose and acacia
Pallet: Full and fruity, fresh and elegant

How To Appreciate

Food pairing: Roche Mazet Merlot Rosé makes a perfect match for hors d’oeuvres, marinated grilled meats and vegetable gratins
Service condition: 8°C to 10°C

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