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Lupini Black Sambuca (750ml)

Lupini Black Sambuca, Spice and liquorice notes dominate the nose. A thick, rich and spicy palate with an excellent balance of flavours and deep spicy finish with lingering warmth.

Lupini Gold Sambuca (750ml)

Lupini Gold Sambuca, the nose hints at the spices infused into this spirit. Aniseed and liquorice are the dominant flavours and a lingering and warming long-lasting finish

Luxardo Sambuca Coffee (750ml)

The aroma of the liquor is a harmonious Union of notes of anise, spice, vanilla and espresso. Great for cocktails

Luxardo Sambuca Dei Cesari White (750ml)

Luxardo Sambuca dei Cesari is a classic Italian liqueur.

Luxardo Sambuca Pomegranade (750ml)

It is aromatized with Pomegranate, with a production recipe entailing several levels of successive infusions to blend the different ingredients.

Luxardo Sambuca Spiced Apple (750ml)

Alcohol type: Apple liqueur ABV: 38% Country of origin: Italy Note: Excellent choice for apple flavored cocktails Appearance: Light green Palate/Taste: apple, spices combined with anise, with a hot and spicy after taste. Nose: markedly apple and anise It is neither an ordinary flavored liqueur nor a commonplace Sambuca

Zappa Black Sambuca (750ml)

Zappa is one of the most successful Sambuca spirit liqueurs in South Africa. The vibrant anise and liquorice flavoured range is available in Original, Black, Blue, Red and Green it is most popularly consumed as a shooter, but can also be mixed with lemonade or used as a cocktail ingredient.

Zappa Blue Sambuca (750ml)

Zappa Blue Sambuca, a spicy licorice flavor and a lingering warmth on the palate. Often consumed as a shooter

Zappa Original Sambuca (750ml)

Zappa Sambuca is well known for its vibrant colours and fiery dragon inconography. For decades people have enjoyed lighting a Zappa and its warming aniseed flavour. How to Enjoy: Zappa is consumed primarily as a shooter but can be enjoyed as a mix with lemonade or in cocktails.

Zappa Red Sambuca (750ml)

Zappa Red Sambuca, a spicy licorice flavor and a lingering warmth on the palate. Often consumed as a shooter