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Bon Courage Blush (750ml)

A delightful carbonated sparkling wine with a slight hint of Muscat on the nose. Clean, fruity and refreshing finish.

Carpené Malvolti Extra Dry Brut Prosecco (750ml)

Carpené Malvolti Extra Dry Brut Prosecco has a pale straw yellow colour with a creamy and persistent perlage. Rich in fruity, floral and vegetable fragrances that remind the freshly picked grapes. The taste is round and persistent on the palate with a fresh hint of acidity.

Carpene Malvolti Prosecco (750ml)

This light, crisp, and bubbly wine has the classic fresh apple characteristics of Prosecco. Medium-bodied, it has flavours of Golden Delicious apples and fine bubbles that cleanse the palate and refresh the taste buds.

Carpené Pvxinvm Prosecco (750ml)

The varietal aromas become more intense, complex and refined in the mouth. The significant extraction charge of the grape, together with its fresh acidity, give to this wine a balanced structure and an unique personality. Good persistence, great pleasure.
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Freixenet Italian Rose Sparkling Wine (750ml)

Glittering with stunning beauty and blushing pink hues, Freixenet Italian Rosé is a delicious blend of the best Italian harvest of Glera and Pinot Noir grapes. Enjoy notes of fresh red berries and underlying hints of white flowers and apples.

Freixenet Prosecco Doc (750ml)

Made from the finest Glera grapes in Italy’s Prosecco region of Veneto, Freixenet Prosecco is as distinctive as it is delicious. Glimmering with golden light and served in a breathtakingly unique bottle, it is fresh and finely effervescent, with the aromas of flowers, citrus and apple – a delicate delight for the palate.

Graham Beck Brut (750ml)

Light yeasty aromas, limey fresh fruit on the nose and rich creamy complexity on the palate. The exceptionally fine mousse contributes the freshness and finesse

Jc Le Roux La Chanson (750ml)

J.C. Le Roux La Chanson is a lively, ruby-red sparkling wine. It reveals a delightful mélange of sweet, fruity flavours suggesting hints of strawberry and plum. Low in alcohol, this is truly a sparkling wine to add exuberance to any occasion.

Jc Le Roux La Fleurette (750ml)

This lively passion pink sparkling wine entices all the senses. It reveals a delightful melange of sweet, fruity flavours with hints of strawberry, plum and tropical fruit. This exuberant bubbly perfectly balances freshness and sweetness with its playful palate of strawberry and sensual plum flavours followed by the richness of Muscat. It is pure femininity in a bottle and is sure to uplift any occasion

Jc Le Roux La Fleurette Non-alcoholic (750ml)

This enchanting, passion pink Non-Alcoholic sparkling blush entices all the senses. It reveals fruity flavours with hints of strawberry and plum. The balance of freshness and sweetness typical of the original J.C. Le Roux La Fleurette is pure delight.

Jc Le Roux Le Domaine Non-alcoholic (750ml)

J.C. Le Roux Le Domaine Non-Alcoholic is an enchanting sparkling white that comes alive on the palate. It has all the finesse, crisp freshness and gentle sweetness of J.C. Le Roux Le Domaine, but in a non-alcoholic alternative that allows you to have an extra glass or two anywhere, anytime.

Krone Borealis Brut (750ml)

A flush of pink, a condensed shimmer. A radiance of red fruit, glossy and spontaneous. Bright summer strawberries with licks of whipped cream. The brightness of lemon unfurls alongside heady maraschino cherries. A core of intense red fruit, juicy and fresh on the palate.

Krone Borealis Brut Rose (750ml)

Gossamer pink, silvered and shifting. Haunting aromatics of frais de bois, wild yet chaste with the strawberry edged in papaya pip spice. Ethereal notes of rosewater skate along denser tones of crushed orange peel, the verdant oil spritzy and full of life.

Krone Night Nectar Demi Sec (750ml)

Lifted and generous, aromatics of honeysuckle, apple blossom and the scent of baking golden apples. Playful, insouciant and energetic. Pure, clean stone fruits, peach and nectarine with an abundance of classic lemon drop and nuances of ginger spice.

Peche Royale Sparkling (750ml)

Peche Royale - the taste of it is the thrill of it. Peche Royale is a sophisticated, trendy "in drink" for stylish people. It is a low alcohol sparkling wine with a peach flavour.

Platino Pink Moscato (750ml)

Silky and pleasant sweetness with intense aromas of fresh berries and tropical fruits with hints of white flower petals. Ideal on its own, as an aperitif or with all types of sweets and desserts.

Pongracz Brut (750ml)

Crisp green apple notes and nuttiness of freshly baked bread are prevalent on the nose.

Pongracz Noble Nectar Demi-sec (750ml)

On the palate, the velvety, creamy butter and citrus notes blend seamlessly with delicate bubbles, light yeasty aromas, crisp, juicy pears, and litchi

Pongracz Rosé (750ml)

Perfectly balanced on the palate with clean acidity and juicy blackberry fruit. Delicate strawberry tones are layered with whiffs of baked bread.

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